Northern Ireland Multi-Party Talks – UCD interviews

As part of a research project, headed by Professor Jennifer Todd, for the Department of Politics at University of College Dublin, several of us postgraduate students interviewed a set of individuals involved in the Northern Ireland Multi-Party Talks.

A set of core questions was asked of all interviewees, with the option to ask follow-up questions on any particular matter.

My set of interviewees were:

1. John Alderdice (Alliance) (4/1/1999)
2. Steve McBride (Alliance) (8/1/1999)
3. Stephen Farry (Alliance) (15/3/1999)
4. Patrick Roche (UKUP) (16/3/1999)
5. Thomas Hennessey (UUP) (23/8/1999)
6. Steven King (UUP) 24/6/1999)
7. Conall McDevitt (10/7/1999)

Feel free to contact me for further background on this project.

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