Journal 20050127 – Maldives

Slept in, and just made it in time for the 10.00 am cut-off for breakfast. It was actually my fault, as I went into ProDivers to hire another digital underwater camera for the day. I spent too much time showing Axel the Xacti camcorder. He was impressed and now wants one for himself.

Madame Oui was still tired from yesterday, and turned town another Lutz snorkelling tour. I discovered that he and his wife are known as “Mr and Mrs Kuredu”, they are so well known by the ProDivers staff here. I went on the tour, and was so glad that I did. At one point, his wife Anna and friend were further out, and Lutz said to me, “Maybe we go to shore?” I replied no, I was fine, let’s go out. I reckon we were out at the coral garden, and that’s where we saw another sea turtle. This time I had my camera with me, so I took lots of photos. I had fun swimming with the turtle for a while, too. The next delight was a moray eel, only about a metre long. I also enjoyed getting close to some new coral; there’s so little of it to see. Like before, I was happy with the results of the digital camera.

This afternoon we paid a visit to Andrew and Melanie, at their water villa. It is nice, but even Melanie said that she missed the sand. Madame Oui and I are happy with our beach villa. The four of us went out for a snorkel trip in their lagoon. I was surprised to see the tarp and sand bags, obviously their to prevent erosion. There were plenty of fish to see, and I saw my first [stone-type] fish, red with yellow and white polka dot pattern flowing fins.

Back ashore at their villa, Andrew fed some fish from their deck. A unique feature of a water villa. Melanie made us tea, which we enjoyed while we dried off. When we left, we saw a couple sting rays just outside their front door, in the lagoon. Melanie said that there were three, but one was ill and apparently has died.

Instead of Sangu for dinner, I booked one of the a la carte restaurants, The Beach. We ate outdoors on the beach. There were only three other couples at the entire restaurant, and the atmosphere was very romantic. The food was absolutely delicious. Wine was Hardy’s Notting Hill Chardonnay. For starters, I had French onion soup and Madame Oui had New Zealand mussels in a champagne sauce. Main course was surf and turf for me: the meat with Madagascar sauce was well cooked and tender, and the half lobster tail with hollandaise sauce was gorgeous. Madame Oui had lemon chicken. It was a delicious dinner, and wonderful end to the day.

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