Unfair and most offensive Ulster Unionist leaflet (News Letter)

The Ulster Unionist Party is curculating a leaflet around the doors, entitled “It’s Not Fair”. This is surely one of the most disgraceful and sectarian leaflets issued by a political party in many years.

This is a return to the tired and failed politics of old. The rhetoric of “them versus us” has never taken us anywhere in the past and will not in the future.

We must get away from this notion of measuring how the distribution of resources impacts on unionists and nationalists, Protestants and Catholics.

Rather, people should accept that resources should be directed to where there is most need, and to ensure that there is fairness across society as a whole.

It is time that Northern Ireland moved to a shared future, and politicians adopted positions that are capable of united rather than dividing the community.

It was only a few weeks ago that Sir Reg Empey was talking about the need for Ulster Unionists to work across the centre. It was hard to take him seriously then, given their record of failures.

This leaflet shows that the UUP is trying to outflank the DUP, rather than working in partnership with others. It was always a tradition of moderate unionism to talk of the benefits of the Union for all the citizens of Northern Ireland irrespective of their class or creed. Now, it seems that the UUP want to be defender of some notion of “Protestant rights”.

There will be a good many decent unionist who will be deeply shocked and offended by this leaflet.

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