Parades Commission right on Gay Pride parade

Allan Leonard, Alliance Party South Belfast representative, has welcomed the ruling by the Parades Commission not to ban or limit the Gay Pride parade planned for 6 August.

Allan Leonard said:

“I am glad that the Gay Pride parade will be allowed to take place without hindrance. This is a victory for the expression of free speech and equality of treatment.

“While most people are not gay or lesbian, the Gay Pride parade is not about endorsing a particular sexual orientation or lifestyle. Rather, it is about ensuring a responsible expression of our diversity.

“It is about not censuring those only because we don’t agree with their views or outlook on life.

“Furthermore, it is important that the Gay Pride parade is not being limited where it is taking place in Belfast, which is clearly a shared, common space, and needs to be readily accessible to all.

“So long as the parade is conducted with responsibility, this event should be warmly embraced by the citizens of Belfast and the rest of Northern Ireland, as it demonstrates our richness of diversity and principle of inclusiveness.”


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