Easibus announcement ‘bitterly disappoints’

Allan Leonard, Alliance Party representative for South Belfast, has described the announcement of Translink’s re-direction of the Donegall Pass-Forestside Easibus service as ‘a bitter disappointment’. He also said that this was making a bad situation worse for pensioners and others who rely on this service.

Allan Leonard said:

“Several bus services in the South Belfast area have been completely axed recently. The re-direction of the Number 6 Easibus service is another mean-spirited act against pensioners and others dependent users.

“Translink officials tell me that they provide an Easibus service when there aren’t enough customers for a regular full bus service. So what happens when they pull an Easibus service?

“Sadly, this will mean that those who rely on public transport the most will have an even harder time getting to their shopping, doctors’ surgeries, libraries and other essential services.”

“I already know that this re-directed service will mean that anyone in the Donegall Pass area will have to walk to the Ormeau Road to catch a bus. For those older people living in this residential area, this is quite a walk.”

The news of the rescheduled service is the result of a review of all Easibus services in Belfast. A reason given for the re-routed Number 6 Easibus service was the lack of sufficient users.

“I have demanded a meeting with Roy Sloan from Easibus for a full explanation. I expect to meet him within the week.”


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