Green house grading scheme is essential

Alliance South Belfast Representative, Allan Leonard stated that an
energy-efficiency grading scheme for homes is essential to help protect
the environment.

Leonard said: “Alliance called for the introduction of an energy
efficiency rating scheme for homes as part of our party manifesto.

“Such an initiative would provide home buyers with chance to see how
environmentally-friendly the home they might buy is. Having a high
level of energy efficiency will mean that the cost of heating the home
will decrease, thus helping eradicate fuel poverty.

“This type of grading system would greatly encourage homeowners to
increase the energy efficiency of their house, in order to gain a
better rating to attract more potential buyers.

“The grading system would take into account issues like how well insulated a property is, or if it has double-gazing or not.

“Alliance wants to see this scheme implemented to ensure that every possible effort is made to protect the environment.”


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