St Andrew’s rates cap is still not a fair system

Alliance Party South Belfast Representative, Allan Leonard, has hit out
at proposals in the St Andrews Agreement package to put a cap on rates,
stating that a local income tax is the only fair option.

Leonard said: “A cap on rates is a blunt instrument. It will not
directly help older people and those on low incomes. It will mean that
everyone in expensive houses will pay the same amount, whether they
have very little income or are massive earners.

“The cap is an unhelpful device. Northern Ireland will still have to
contribute the same total amount of money through rates. This cap will
mean that those in cheaper houses might potentially have to pay more
that at present.

“The only fair thing to do would be to scrap rates and replace them
with a local income tax. People would be billed based on their ability
to pay. This is the Alliance way. This is the fair way forward for all.”


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