Rates increases will affect the economy

These disgracefully large rates increases along with the tap tax will deal a devastating blow to the south Belfast economy.

Because of these unfair charges, people here will have much less disposable income to spend in local businesses.

At a time when hundreds of jobs are being shed in the manufacturing
industry, the government can ill afford to levy such punitive charges
against the public, as this will further destroy our economy.

Not even the richest parts of London are seeing the type of rates
bills that many people in Northern Ireland are going to be forced to

We are not opposed to Northern Ireland paying its way.

We merely want to see a fair rates system here, similar to the structure in England.

I want a rates cap introduced to ensure that charges are fairer for people here.

For example, the rates cap in London is £2,800, much less than some people are paying in Northern Ireland.

The government must get real and recognise that these ridiculous and
unjustifiable charges will do nothing but damage the economy of
Northern Ireland.

Allan Leonard, Alliance Representative for South Belfast
Published in the Community Telegraph

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