Alliance blasts Erne lab cut plans

Alliance Party representative, Allan Leonard, has hit out at plans
that will negatively impact upon laboratory services at Erne Hospital,
saying that our health service needs extra investment, not cuts. His
comments follow revelations that new government proposals are causing
concerns about cuts in opening hours of laboratories at Erne, Daisy
Hill and Causeway Hospitals.

The Alliance candidate for Fermanagh & South Tyrone said: “I am disgusted at these proposals
because these laboratories provide a vital service for the Erne Hospital.

“I am very concerned that these cuts could lead to the downgrading of Erne Hosptial, and this must not happen.

“The government should be investing in the health service here, not
trying to make cuts. Our hospitals are stretched enough as it is and
further cuts are totally unacceptable.

“When it comes to people’s health, the best possible services must be made available.

“If these cuts take place there may be delays in receiving test
results for patients and that simply cannot and must not happen.”


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