Time to give local farmers more support

Allan Leonard, Alliance Party candidate for Fermanagh & South
Tyrone, has stated that it’s time that our local farmers were given the
support they deserve. He said that agriculture is of paramount
importance to the environment and the economy of Northern Ireland.

Allan Leonard said: “As the largest private sector industry in
Northern Ireland, agriculture has a central role to play in the
achievement of a successful future both environmentally and

“Farmers are custodians of our environment and we need to ensure
that they are wholeheartedly supported in their efforts to produce the
food required to meet demand from local people.  For instance, they
should be
exempted from taxation duties on bio-fuels similar to their counterparts in the Republic of Ireland.

“I am pleased that all of the political parties support the ‘Five
Steps to a Better Future’ policy document prepared by the Ulster
Farmers’ Union, and hope that they will work together in the new
Assembly so that these
essential measures are implemented at the earliest opportunity.

“It is vital that farmers are relieved of all the unnecessary
bureaucracy that hampers their productivity and adds to the stress of
modern life.  It is also vital that all the parties work together to do
battle on their
behalf to get the best deal from Brussels.”

Allan Leonard concluded:  “We have listened carefully to what
farmers and their representatives outlined concerning ways in which the
new Assembly can help them through this difficult period.”


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