Alliance will make dental and eye checks free for everyone

Allan Leonard, Alliance Party candidate for Fermanagh & South
Tyrone, has announced that Alliance will provide free eye and dental
checks for everyone in Northern Ireland. Currently, many people have to
pay for these health checks and Alliance will abolish these charges to
give local people more health protection for free.

Allan Leonard said: “We will introduce free eye and dental checks
because they will greatly increase protection against illness for local

“They will ensure that we can prevent ill health at its earliest
stages and will mean that specialists can pick up on cancer and
glaucoma at the earliest opportunity.

“Early intervention will benefit the individual and the health
service alike. It gives the person involved the quickest treatment and
will also ensure that the health service can tackle problems more
easily and effectively, because they have been noticed quickly.

“It is vitally important the we can tackle these types of problems
as quickly as possible, and free check ups for everyone will remove any
of the barriers which previously existed.

“These free health checks will ensure that everyone receives a
higher standard of care, because financial worries will not put them
off making an appointment for a check-up.

“Alliance will make real improvements which will enhance people’s
everyday lives and that is why everyone should look to the only
alternative to the tribal parties.”


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