Leonard fights for equality on all-Ireland travel

Allan Leonard, Alliance Party candidate for Fermanagh & South
Tyrone, has welcomed news from Minister David Cairns that over 65s will
soon be able to travel free of charge on public transport across the
island of Ireland, but he said Alliance would continue their campaign
to ensure that there is equality on this issue. He is unhappy that
women cannot avail of this initiative until they are 65, but men can
travel free from the age of 60.

Allan Leonard said: “While we have won the battle on free transport, we will continue the fight for equality on this issue.

“Women are considered to be pensioners at 60, but they cannot travel
until they are 65. This is totally unfair, because men will be able
travel free across Ireland from the age of 60.

“We have campaigned for years for free public transport across
Ireland for older people and we will continue this campaign until there
is total equality.

“The announcement by David Cairns is a welcome development, but it
is long overdue and it does not go far enough in ensuring that everyone
who should benefit will do so.”


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