Future Assembly must crack down on racism and sectarianism

Allan Leonard, Alliance Party candidate for Fermanagh & South
Tyrone, has outlined the urgent need for the local parties and the
future Assembly to tackle racism in Northern Ireland. He also stated
that there is a link between sectarianism and racism.

Allan Leonard said: “We have experienced first hand over the past 40
years the horrific results of sectarianism and hopefully that
experience will help us fight racism. The lessons we have learnt will
stand us in good stead in our battle against those who want to keep our
society divided.

“I believe that sectarianism and racism are linked and we must fight them both to create a better society.

“Over past centuries the people of Ireland both North and South have
emigrated to the four corners of the earth to the benefit of their host
countries. We must recognise the strength in diversity to be gained in
our society by welcoming those from other countries who wish to live
and work here.

“Migrants play a vital role in our local economy and provide much needed cultural diversity in Northern Ireland.

“All political parties in the new Assembly must work to put in place
extra measures to tackle racism as a matter of urgency and they must
recognise that racism is linked to sectarianism.”


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