Impartial Reporter statement

I submitted the following to the Impartial Reporter, who asked for a 350-word statement from all the candidates/parties:

People have every right to be angry at the failure of unionist and
nationalist politicians to deliver and sustain devolution. The
stop-start political process has denied Northern Ireland many precious
opportunities. Too many difficult problems have been allowed to fester
through political stagnation.

There is a real need to restore the Assembly. Local people want to have control over local decision-making.

The people of Northern Ireland deserve genuine, stable and
sustainable power sharing, with politicians respecting the rule of law
and working for the common good.

Last time devolution was in place, the UUP and SDLP failed to work
together. They could have made a real difference. It is hard to see how
the DUP and Sinn Fein are going to do anything better.

There is a very real danger that all they will do is co-exist in
government. Rather than power being shared, power will be divided.
We’ll get Ministers doing their own thing – with no cohesion or
co-operation with each other.

It is far from clear that the political hardliners are prepared to
do what is necessary. They cannot be trusted with your future.

Only Alliance offers an alternative.

As the Alliance Party candidate for Fermanagh & South Tyrone, I
stand for stable government and genuine fairness. You have the right to
know that power will be shared for your – and everyone’s – benefit, not
carved up on behalf of someone else.

I stand for the rule of law without conditions. Alliance has never been associated with any paramilitary organisation.

I am opposed to tribal politics, and instead am working for a shared, prosperous society for everyone, regardless of background.

Many people here vote on their fears – to keep the other tribe out.
Instead, if you want this place to be different – more prosperous and
at ease with itself – then consider an alternative choice.

Express your positive desires for a better future with a first preference vote for Alliance.

Remember, not voting at all is actually a vote for the failed politics of the past.


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