NI should lead way on green issues

Allan Leonard, Alliance Party candidate for Fermanagh & South
Tyrone, has stated that Alliance is committed to making green issues a
priority in the Assembly, so that Northern Ireland can be a world
leader in recycling, renewable energy and environmental protection.

Allan Leonard said: “The Alliance Party has been long committed to
making Northern Ireland a best practice model on green issues, such as
recycling, renewable energy and environmental protection.

“Most domestic households are at least aware of the value of
recycling, with more and more taking the time to sort their recyclable

“Also, renewable energy tariffs are available for households, such as the NIE’s EcoEnergy.

“Yet Northern Ireland’s overall record on green issues is pretty
poor, especially when compared to other European regions. For example,
our environmental protection is desperately lacking; Alliance has
repeatedly called for an independent Environmental Protection Agency.

“What is needed is a commitment by all the parties in the Assembly
to innovative recycling projects — especially for businesses — and to
the promotion of alternative energy sources. Northern Ireland should
lead the way on green issues and be an example to other regions in
Europe and the rest of the world.”


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