Alliance manifesto will deliver better future for NI

Allan Leonard, Alliance Party candidate for Fermanagh & South
Tyrone, has stated that by pledging himself and his party to end
segregation, the Alliance Party manifesto provides local people with the chance to see a better future for
Northern Ireland. He has highlighted that other parties’ policies of
segregation cost taxpayers over £1 billion every year, and outlined how
vital improvements in public services could be had if this wastage was

at the manifesto launch on Tuesday, 27 February, Allan Leonard said:
“As the Alliance manifesto makes clear, we cannot afford the luxury of
wasting £1 billion every year on policies of segregation. Alliance will
redirect the savings towards better public services for all.

“Alliance will reduce rates by the amount Government intends to raise on water charges.

“Alliance will deliver free personal care for older people — an
Alliance iniative that other parties have already voted against — and
abolish dental and eye charges for everyone.

“Alliance will abolish tuition fees, which have hit local students very hard.

“We have set a minimum target of 10% of children being educated in
integrated schools by 2010, and have pledged to guarantee the right of
any parent to send their child to an integrated school.

“I am also pleased with the Alliance pledge to establish an
indendent Environmental Protection Agency, with the power to enforce
environmental legislation. Alliance will ensure the protection of our
lakelands and countryside from inappropriate overdevelopment.

“Alliance representatives in the Assembly will deliver a better future for Northern Ireland.”



The Alliance Party manifesto for the 2007 Northern Ireland Assembly
elections will be launched at The Edge, Belfast, at 11.00am, Tuesday,
27 February 2007.

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