Leonard slams SDLP ‘border poll’ proposal

Allan Leonard, Alliance Party candidate for Fermanagh & South
Tyrone, has slammed the SDLP for proposing that there should be a
‘border poll’ once the Assembly is restored, and pointed out that a
‘border poll’ is actually the most destabilising event possible.

Allan Leonard said: “The last thing that Northern Ireland needs is a ‘border poll’.

“It beggars belief that the SDLP would argue on the on hand that
Northern Ireland needs stability, and on the other hand that there
should be a ‘border poll’ — which would destabilise Northern Ireland.

“At a time when the emphasis needs to be on partnership within
Northern Ireland and creating a shared future, a ‘border poll’ would be
hugely polarising. It would only serve to further entrench division.

“Alliance respects the right of the people of Northern Ireland to
determine their own constitutional status. But there is no reason in
having a ‘border poll’ unless there is clear indication of a
potentially different
outcome from the status quo. A ‘border poll’ is more than a pointless
headcount, it risks setting back the prospects of political progress.”


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