Peace Pole: Belfast unveiling

Peace Pole: Belfast unveiling by Allan LEONARD for Shared Future News 24 October 2009 It was touch-and-go with the weather, but thankfully the rain stopped for the unveiling of Northern Ireland's first "peace pole", near the gates at Northumberland Street, west Belfast. I arrived just in time for some introductory singing by the Waterford Omagh … Continue reading Peace Pole: Belfast unveiling

20090612 The Storm cover

Book review – The Storm (Vince CABLE)

Vince Cable is the chief economic spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats, and his lucid explanations of the credit crunch and overall current parlous global economic situation has seen him well sought after by mainstream news media outlets. For good reason -- his analysis has been proven spot on. In his book, The Storm: The World … Continue reading Book review – The Storm (Vince CABLE)

Book review — Eyewitness (Brendan Murphy)

I always wanted this book, Eyewitness: Four Decades of Northern Life, by Brendan Murphy, but the original cover price of £30 was a little steep for me. Thankfully, the Bookshop at Queen's has it discounted to £8. I only had to wait 6 years. It is a brilliant book. Murphy's photographs may not be the … Continue reading Book review — Eyewitness (Brendan Murphy)

Your space or mine?

Your space or mine? @PLACENI by Allan LEONARD for Shared Future News 5 February 2009 Last night I attended an exhibition launch for a project called "your space or mine?", in which the organisers ask: Do current urban renewal and development models offer hope of shared and integrated futures for interface communities? What role can … Continue reading Your space or mine?

Shared Future 20090108 - Ordinary Lives

Book review – Ordinary Lives

Book review: Ordinary Lives by Allan LEONARD for Shared Future News 8 January 2009 In recent years there has been an influx into Northern Ireland of new arrivals from east European countries, as well as more familiar western places of Portugal and Spain. The British Council organised the Ordinary Lives project, which explores stories of … Continue reading Book review – Ordinary Lives

John Carson: Friend Map revisited

During 1975 and 1976, artist John Carson visited friends and family in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and photographed them in their homes. The photographs were placed on a map of the area to create an artwork depicting a social network of connections and relationships that crossed geographical, religious and political divisions. Some 30 years later, Carson decided … Continue reading John Carson: Friend Map revisited