Northern Ireland Foundation Citizenship Award 2010


As part of the 2010 annual conference of the Forum for Cities in Transition, hosted by the Mitrovica Forum in Kosovo, I presented a special award for citizenship to two youth workers at the Centre for Civil Society Development (CCSD).

As far as I can recall, I said the following:

Momcilo (Arlov) (Programme Director, CCSD) said earlier today that he doesn’t consider himself a hero, instead he acknowledged the work done by his staff and volunteers.

Indeed, it’s the hard, real, on-the-ground work of dedicated people — the believers and doers of a shared society. 

As Momcilo and others have said — and it is so true — in all the work that we do — all of us in all our cities — thinking of everyone in terms of human beings — respect, equality, fairness — that we achieve better livelihoods. 

It gives me great honor to recognise two great human beings, two of the many real heroes of Mitrovica — Vuk Mitrovic and Sanja Mrkic. 

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