Culture Night Belfast

20100924 Unite Against Hate - Moochin

Tell us what unite means to you
By Allan LEONARD for Northern Ireland Foundation
24 September 2010

As part of the Culture Night Belfast, and supported by the campaign Unite against Hate, I assisted Moochin Photoman while he took some distinctive portrait photographs using a “Through the Viewfiender” technique.

My job was to ask individuals, “What does ‘unite’ mean to you?”

The vox pop answers will be mashed up with a forthcoming slideshow of Moochin’s photos.

One of my favourite responses was from a Spanish visitor, who struggled with my questions in English, so I asked them in Spanish!

There was a regular stream of people coming in for their photos to be taken, and I captured a few dozens fast interviews.

It was great to meet these interesting folk as well as old friends.

All portrait photos will be displayed in three weeks time (Friday, 15th October) at the same venue, The Dark Horse. More details to follow.

It was a great night to celebrate our diverse cultures, even for those of us who were actually working!

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