Interactive remembrance of Iraq & Afghanistan casualties

While reading an article about the withdrawal of American forces in Iraq — and in particular its city of Kirkuk — a participating member of the Forum for Cities in Transition, one of my work projects — I came across a link to an interactive map that displays every single casualty of the coalition forces serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

You can zoom in the maps, and by placing your mouse cursor over an individual hometown, see the solider’s details. At the same time, you’ll see where that person died on the corresponding map on the right.

It animates the fact that real persons died in real places, while serving their country.

I zoomed into Ireland to investigate. What surprised me, but shouldn’t have, was that there were a few casualties from the Republic of Ireland, for both the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns.

As a matter of record, here is a list of those casualties:


  • Cpl John Johnston Cosby (Belfast – Basra)
  • Lance Cpl Timothy Darren Flowers (Derry-Londonderry – Basra)
  • Lance Cpl Ian Keith Malone (Dublin – Basra)
  • Capt Ken Masters (Portadown – Basra)


  • Cpl Sean Binnie (Belfast – Musa Qaleh)
  • Ranger Justin James Cupples (Co. Cavan – Sangin)
  • Ranger David Dalzell (Bangor – Nad-e Ali)
  • Ranger Aaron McCormick (Coleraine – Nad-e Ali)
  • Lance Cpl Stephen McKee (Banbridge – Lashkar Gah)
  • Marine Robert McKibben (Co. Mayo – Garmsir)
  • Lance Cpl Nigel Moffett (Belfast – Musa Qaleh)
  • Capt David Patton (Aghadowey – Helmand province)
  • Lt Nel Turkington (Craigavon – Lashkar Gah)
  • Cpl Stephen Walker (Lisburn – Sangin)

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