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The emotional impact of stroke

I woke up next to my partner, to a spokesperson from the Stroke Association talking about their new report, “Feeling overwhelmed: The emotional impact of stroke”: Joe CORNER discusses launch of Stroke Association report, Feeling Overwhelmed, on emotional impact of stroke. “Are you listening to this?” I asked Madame Oui. “Yes.” My wife had a … Continue reading The emotional impact of stroke

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Political Drama – What Drama?

As part of its 15th anniversary celebrations, Stratagem hosted a political drama film and discussion event at The MAC. Stratagem Director, Quintin Oliver, explained how he was motivated by a gift request from his son for a box set of the West Wing series. "He said it would be educational. I realised it was as … Continue reading Political Drama – What Drama?

20130409 Good Vibrations

Film review – Good Vibrations @QFTBelfast

http://youtu.be/DruhJkZU4EI Good Vibrations is a film about Belfast music legend, Terri Hooley, who was responsible for discovering The Undertones and recording Teenage Kicks (which radio DJ Jonathan Peel famously played twice in a row). UTV film critic Brian Henry Martin described Good Vibrations as "born, bred and buttered" in Belfast. The film is a total … Continue reading Film review – Good Vibrations @QFTBelfast

20130410 GFA 15

Good Friday Agreement codifies civic rules of the Northern Ireland game

Although the DUP dismisses the Good Friday Agreement for all its faults, it is hard to deny that that long-negotiated document set the framework under which our politics takes place, with its separation of powers (perhaps too separate), all-inclusive Executive (though lack of collective responsibility), and peculiar voting systems (bifurcated communal designations). Yet this Belfast … Continue reading Good Friday Agreement codifies civic rules of the Northern Ireland game

20130402 MAC Andy Warhol Self-Portrait

Review – Andy WARHOL @TheMACBelfast

Another art exhibition review in less than a week. This isn't my day job, honest. After a work related meetup at the MAC Belfast, I toured the Andy Warhol exhibition. This was my first time at the MAC, so I was inspecting the venue, too. I'm excited that Belfast has at long last a contemporary … Continue reading Review – Andy WARHOL @TheMACBelfast