Advice to new carers: Get support from wherever you can

This morning, I spoke about my experience as a carer, on Downtown Radio programme Daytime with Siobhan McGarry: Allan LEONARD, Gerry MAGUIRE (HSC Board), and Helen FERGUSON (Carers NI) interviewed by Siobhan McGARRY. Allan Leonard, in his mid-forties, suddenly found himself in a caring role for his spouse, Beverley, who suffered a severe stroke two [...]

Derry proposals for Colombian peace

20130426 INCORE Colombia

In September 2012, peace talks were announced between the Colombian Government and the guerrilla group FARC. There have been several rounds of negotiation, now taking place in Havana, Cuba. INCORE at the University of Ulster saw a potential in investigating the lessons, good and bad, from the Northern Ireland peace process, in this 15th anniversary [...]

The emotional impact of stroke

20130501 Stroke Association Logo

I woke up next to my partner, to a spokesperson from the Stroke Association talking about their new report, “Feeling overwhelmed: The emotional impact of stroke”: Joe CORNER discusses launch of Stroke Association report, Feeling Overwhelmed, on emotional impact of stroke. “Are you listening to this?” I asked Madame Oui. “Yes.” My wife had a [...]