Alliance manifesto will deliver better future for NI

Allan Leonard, Alliance Party candidate for Fermanagh & SouthTyrone, has stated that by pledging himself and his party to endsegregation, the Alliance Party manifesto provides local people with the chance to see a better future forNorthern Ireland. He has highlighted that other parties' policies ofsegregation cost taxpayers over £1 billion every year, and outlined howvital [...]

NI should lead way on green issues

Allan Leonard, Alliance Party candidate for Fermanagh & SouthTyrone, has stated that Alliance is committed to making green issues apriority in the Assembly, so that Northern Ireland can be a worldleader in recycling, renewable energy and environmental protection.Allan Leonard said: "The Alliance Party has been long committed tomaking Northern Ireland a best practice model on [...]

Impartial Reporter statement

I submitted the following to the Impartial Reporter, who asked for a 350-word statement from all the candidates/parties:People have every right to be angry at the failure of unionist andnationalist politicians to deliver and sustain devolution. Thestop-start political process has denied Northern Ireland many preciousopportunities. Too many difficult problems have been allowed to festerthrough political [...]

GAA clubs should be mixed

In response to the idea put forward by the President of the GAA,Nickey Brennan, the Alliance Party candidate for Fermanagh & SouthTyrone Allan Leonard has stated that it would be far better to havemixed GAA clubs instead of creating new ones for Protestants only.Allan Leonard said: "I would rather that the President of the GAAencouraged [...]

Future Assembly must crack down on racism and sectarianism

Allan Leonard, Alliance Party candidate for Fermanagh & SouthTyrone, has outlined the urgent need for the local parties and thefuture Assembly to tackle racism in Northern Ireland. He also statedthat there is a link between sectarianism and racism.Allan Leonard said: "We have experienced first hand over the past 40years the horrific results of sectarianism and [...]

Charles Kennedy in town

Charles Kennedy, former leader of the Liberal Democrats, flew intoBelfast today to demonstrate his support for Alliance Party candidates.There was a media scrum in front of Belfast City Hall, before a team ofus candidates and supporters walked down Donegall Place for some middaycanvassing.Ipopped out of my office for the occasion, with my work colleaguesunawares of [...]