Book review – Women of Vision (National Geographic)

Women of Vision accompanies a travelling exhibition of the same title, curated by National Geographic. Both celebrate the work of eleven inspiring female photojournalists, featuring nearly 100 images, ranging from social issues, effects of war, and changes in our natural habitats. Renowned American news journalist, Ann Curry, begins the foreword with words, “Henri Cartier-Bresson, considered [...]

Halifax Visa PayWave arrives

Unexpectedly received a replacement Visa debit card from Halifax, as current one wasn't due to expire for a few years. Reason is the introduction of Visa PayWave, which implements contactless technology.The card will let you pay for things less than £10 by just holding the card over a contactless reader, without having to key in [...]

Journal 20050127 – Maldives

Slept in, and just made it in time for the 10.00 am cut-off for breakfast. It was actually my fault, as I went into ProDivers to hire another digital underwater camera for the day. I spent too much time showing Axel the Xacti camcorder. He was impressed and now wants one for himself.Madame Oui was [...]