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Troubled Images

Troubled Images was a significant digitisation project of posters and ephemera in the Linen Hall Library’s extensive Northern Ireland Political Collection. A unique interactive CD-ROM was produced, alongside a book that accompanied a display of 75 key posters that were exhibited worldwide.

Troubled Images is the first major publication of the posters of the Northern Ireland conflict. The 124-page book contains 140 illustrations (115 in full colour) and detailed accounts of 70 posters of a travelling international exhibition.

The book includes an overview essay, “Visualising the Troubles”, written by Belinda Loftus, an expert on graphic imagery and author of Mirror: Orange and Green.

Informative commentaries to the featured exhibition posters are written by John Gray, Librarian of the Linen Hall Library, Belfast.

Edited by a diverse team of four, and scrutinised by a large project team, the entire spectrum of the Northern Ireland conflict is covered — from its political parties and security forces to activists, ethnic groups and community organisations.

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