Book review – A Week at the Airport (Alain de BOTTON)

Perhaps poignantly after just returning from a long and splendid transatlantic Christmastime holiday, and getting back into routine in the return to work, I finished Alain de Botton's book, A Week at the Airport. A Week at the Airport is a short and compact book ("Slender enough to pack in your carry-on", Daily Mail). It … Continue reading Book review – A Week at the Airport (Alain de BOTTON)

20111221 Taryn Simon - Contrband - Bird Corpse

Contraband at Belfast Exposed

Belfast Exposed has on display an exhibition by Taryn Simon. Entitled Contraband, to view is a sampling of 1,075 photographs of items detained or seized from passengers (and express mail) entering the United States. The Belfast Exposed exhibition is in the main gallery, with a weekly lunchtime talk every Wednesday. I caught the last talk; … Continue reading Contraband at Belfast Exposed

20110723 Donaghadee IMG_0562

Copeland Island adventure

After many times talking about taking a boat trip to Copeland Island, Madame Oui and I finally got our finger out and jumped onboard "The Brothers" on a sunny afternoon. Not surprisingly for us, immediately we noticed the captain's dog, who kept himself very satisfied up in the cramped bridge: There were a couple dozen … Continue reading Copeland Island adventure

20070822 The Blue Cabin cover

Book review – The Blue Cabin (Michael FAULKNER)

Michael Faulkner, son of Brian, loses his Sante Fe style furniture business and home in Scotland. Retreats to family cabin on an otherwise uninhabited small island in Strangford Lough, Ards Peninsula, Northern Ireland. This is reading through a couple's challenging times, that part of the wedding vows that read, "for better or worse". There are plenty of happy … Continue reading Book review – The Blue Cabin (Michael FAULKNER)