Book review – The Blue Cabin (Michael FAULKNER)

20070822 The Blue Cabin cover
Michael Faulkner, son of Brian, loses his Sante Fe style furniture business and home in Scotland. Retreats to family cabin on an otherwise uninhabited small island in Strangford Lough, Ards Peninsula, Northern Ireland.

This is reading through a couple’s challenging times, that part of the wedding vows that read, “for better or worse”.

There are plenty of happy times — the guests, the picnics, the sublime peace of the place. All the while checked by the harsher realities of no mains electricity or regular water supply, and a barely insulated house.

Faulkner writes in a simple yet effective prose. In few words and sentences, you’re perhaps suddenly caught by the deep emotion involved.

The Blue Cabin is an enjoyable read, proving the adage of the road less travelled…

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