Don’t leave carers in the dark

Allan LEONARD and Beverley BEATTIE The following article was published in the 2015–16 annual review of the Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke: Don’t leave carers in the dark While we often hear what it’s like to fight the long battle of recovery after stroke, we don’t always hear what it’s like to be a carer [...]

Living the stroke experience: NIMAST 2016

I was part of a five-member panel of stroke survivors and carers who presented short stories of our perspectives, to an audience of delegates at the fifth Northern Ireland conference organised between the Northern Ireland Multidisciplinary Association for Stroke Teams (NIMAST) and the UK Stroke Forum (UKSF), held at La Mon Hotel, Belfast. Lisa LECKY [...]

Life objects: Tenx9 Belfast

I told a story at the Tenx9 event at Belfast’s Black Box venue. Tenx9 is a series of monthly events, where nine individuals tell a true, personal story, for up to ten minutes (hence the title). There are six Tenx9 city sites to date (why not start your own!); the Belfast series is led by [...]

Advice to new carers: Get support from wherever you can

This morning, I spoke about my experience as a carer, on Downtown Radio programme Daytime with Siobhan McGarry: Allan LEONARD, Gerry MAGUIRE (HSC Board), and Helen FERGUSON (Carers NI) interviewed by Siobhan McGARRY. Allan Leonard, in his mid-forties, suddenly found himself in a caring role for his spouse, Beverley, who suffered a severe stroke two [...]

Integrate emotional support says stroke survivor

Earlier this week, Madame Oui (aka my awesome wife Beverley) went up to Parliament Buildings to address a group of MLAs at the Northern Ireland Assembly. It was a very positive and constructive meeting, resulting in some agreed steps forward (next stop: the Assembly’s Health Committee). Beverley later remarked, “I’ve become a campaigner!” And one [...]