The Creative Class and Northern Ireland

20120127 Creative Class cover

As part of NICVA's series of masterclasses from its Centre for Economic Empowerment project, there was a morning seminar on the topic of the "creative class" (as popularised by Richard Florida) and its applicability to Northern Ireland. The agenda was to: Explain Richard Florida's idea of the "creative class" and the link between economic outcomes [...]

Alliance Party Conference 2009 – Joanne STUART Stuart, Chair of the Institute of Directors (IoD), Northern Ireland, was guest speaker at the Alliance Party Conference dinner at the Dunadry Hotel, Templepatrick.Stuart began by saying that having spent much of the past 16 years in England and Dublin, if someone had told her then that she'd be speaking at an Alliance Party [...]

Alliance Party Conference 2009 – John SIMPSON the Alliance Party Conference last weekend, economist John Simpson made a presentation on "Rebuilding the Northern Ireland economy" (see his concluding remarks in embedded video above).Simpson said that in this regard, what mattered was: (1) productivity and (2) competence. Economic growth in Northern Ireland was not about subsidies or reducing the cost of living, [...]