Accommodating faith and diversity in Northern Ireland

Accommodating faith and diversity in Northern Ireland

Accommodating faith and diversity in Northern Ireland: @IFNetUK Inter-Faith Week 2011 by Allan LEONARD for Shared Future News 21 November 2011 OFMDFM Junior Ministers Martina Anderson and Jonathan Bell sponsored a panel discussion marking Inter-Faith Week, organised by the Northern Ireland Inter-Faith Forum: “Accommodating faith and diversity in Northern Ireland”.

The myth of Eurabia, in Northern Ireland

In the ethnic mix of many modern and open cities, the Parisian neighbourhood of Belleville reflects a cosmopolitanism of shared spaces and the everyday need to just get on with the demands of life — working, school, shopping. Yet as Simon Kuper points out in his very interesting article, “The myth of Eurabia”, not all […]

Alliance Party Conference 2009 – Motion: Schools Michael Bower proposes motion on schools, at Alliance Party Conference, Dunadry Hotel, Templepatrick, Northern Ireland. Footage includes Michael Campbell, Aran Black, David Murphy, Anna Lo, Brian Eggins, Martin Gregg, Andrew Muir, and Sara Duncan.

Alliance Party Conference 2009 – Motion: Post-primary transfer Motion 2: Transfer to secondary schools Conference reaffirms Alliance’s historic commitment to the abolition of academic selection, which stretches back to the earliest days of the party Conference notes the abolition of the 11-plus, but further notes that the inability of the Executive to produce a replacement system of transfer will create chaos for […]

Accord and faith schools

The Economist published an article on the current Government policy discussion on the establishment of more single faith schools, and mentions a countervailing movement by an organisation called Accord (“believing in children, learning together”). Interestingly, Accord is not calling for secular education (although supporters include humanists and secularists). Instead, it wants to develop the role of faith in education for […]

Facing History – Northern Ireland Q&A

On the Facing History’s online forum, Paul Frankmann posed a list of questions. This is my attempt to answer as many as possible: (1) Who are the different “we’s” and “they’s” that one would hope to integrate? Who is who in Northern Ireland? Most commentators describe Northern Ireland as an area of “two communities”, one […]