Linen Hall Library: Annual Report 2001

Linen Hall Library: Annual Report 2001
1 May 2002

The 2001 Annual Report of the Linen Hall Library reviews the work of the Troubled Images project:

The highlight of the year was undoubtedly the launch of ‘Troubled Images’ in October [2001]. Comprising an exhibition, a multi-media CD-ROM and an illustrated book, and centering on the posters of the Troubles, the project was the most ambitious ever undertaken by the Library with the exception of the Millennium Development itself. As noted in the introduction to this report, the exhibition secured an extraordinary response and from all sections of our community. It also attracted international media coverage, including features in The Art Magazine and Time Magazine. The CD-ROM, containing over 3,000 images from the Collection and more than 200,000 words of text, and the book have rapidly established themselves as indispensable resources for analysts and scholars studying the conflict. The publications are being marketed worldwide, and by year-end plans were crystallising for the international touring of the exhibition. Our particular thanks are due to PROTEUS and the United States Institute for Peace as principal funders of this project.

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