Breadboy book launch

Breadboy is Tony Macaulay’s sequel to Paperboy, growing up as a young teenager in Shankill, West Belfast. I was delighted to be invited to the book launch, having also been to the one for Paperboy, three years ago.


Like then, friends and colleagues gathered, this time in the basement of Eason news shop,  literally a stone’s throw from Belfast City Hall, the focus of much recent unrest over a community relations matter of the display of the Union flag. To paraphrase Macaulay’s book’s introduction — reflecting “a city still feeding off ancient rivalries”, while perhaps “well past their sell-by date”, still appetising for some.

Patsy Horton from Blackstaff Press began by remarking that they wished they had published Paperboy, now recognising the power of Macaulay’s voice in telling the story of life as a young person during dark years of the Troubles.

20130314 Breadboy IMG 6069

Tony Macaulay read generous extracts from his new book. For those of us who read his previous book it was a comforting reminder of the cast of characters; for others it was an engrossing invitation, with Macaulay speaking in vox in situ.

20130314 Breadboy IMG 6079

After giving his thanks and acknowledgements, there were a few remarks by Mr Wesley McCreedy (aka Leslie McGregor). This was a live reminder that these books are honest accounts of actual events, superbly told.

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