Book review – Time to Fly (Neil O’BRIEN)

Neil O'BRIEN motivating us at NI Biz Camp
Neil O’BRIEN motivating us at NI Biz Camp

I had the pleasure of meeting Neil O’Brien at a NI Biz Camp event in Belfast, April 2013. I immediately liked his sense of humour: “Sending me to a relaxation course is stressing me out!”

Yet behind his Irish wit is a concise, distilled lesson plan of proven suggestions to motivate yourself to the next level.

Essentially, each of us has a comfort zone. Tricky thing is, if you decide just to stay in it, it’ll keep getting smaller as the world moves on. Neil has some strategies to help you act outside your comfort zone.

His book, Time to Fly, is an easy-to-read digest filled with methods, exercise plans, summaries and encouragement, all sprinkled with signature humour.

What I particularly liked is that I am able to remember some key points. Reference points, if you will, that’ll keep you closer to 10/10 on the self-worth scale, and away from the 2/10.

Time to Fly really is inspiration in a nutshell (to cite another reviewer). Be good to yourself — get Neil’s book!

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