My favourite photo locations

Recently my brother asked me where were my favourite photo locations.

I don’t know if “favourite” is the right word. Photography encompasses many genres, and photojournalists let their curiosity and ambitions take them wherever they’re called, whether on assignments or self-motivated journeys.

My photography journey started at home, in the rural village in northwest Ohio. I’d go out and image document where I went running — the roads, fields and barns. The local folk at the summer fairs.

Then, with camera in hand, the urban discoveries of New York, Washington, and Boston.

Onwards to my first solo journey to Ireland — and while the images I took are not so aesthetically remarkable, they are a recording of a significant moment of my life (see also Flickr set):

Beyond the personal to the newsworthy — I took myself to Berlin in December 1989. Although I wasn’t there for the original event, there was a reprise of the opening of Brandenberg Gate, with hundreds of thousands of people exhilarated with new freedoms (see also Flickr set):

My profession isn’t photography; but I am a photographer, in my desire to capture the aesthetic in my world. I have a camera with me wherever I go.

This allows me to bring an added dimension to my vocation of politics and peace making.

For example, my international work has placed me in Mitrovica (Kosovo), Baghdad (Iraq), and Kaduna (Nigeria) (see also Flickr set):

Like press photographers before, I’ll take images for official purposes, as well as for my own pursuit.

So “favourite” for me is anywhere, to make the most of my innate curiosity yet learning as rapidly as possible the essence a new place. People are universal in their fundamental hopes and fears, but behaviour is conditioned by culture and environment. Trying to capture this on a short-term visit is not easy! On the other hand, I have found that if you wait too long, your inquisitive eye gets too normalised.

It’s a challenge. But one I enjoy. It’s called discovery.

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