John Hume: Irish peacemaker. Discuss.

John Hume: Irish peacemaker. Discuss. by Allan LEONARD for Shared Future News 15 December 2015 Sean Farren and Denis Haughey have edited a new book, John Hume: Irish Peacemaker, published by Four Courts Press. As part of this book launch, there is a series of panel discussions, for which this event took place at the … Continue reading John Hume: Irish peacemaker. Discuss.

Book review – Time to Fly (Neil O’BRIEN)

I had the pleasure of meeting Neil O'Brien at a NI Biz Camp event in Belfast, April 2013. I immediately liked his sense of humour: "Sending me to a relaxation course is stressing me out!" Yet behind his Irish wit is a concise, distilled lesson plan of proven suggestions to motivate yourself to the next … Continue reading Book review – Time to Fly (Neil O’BRIEN)

Book review – Coffee with Jesus (David WILKIE)

I came across Coffee with Jesus on a display table at the front of a Barnes & Noble bookstore. Just as well, as I doubt I would have perused the religion section to discover it. Coffee with Jesus originated online, under the consortium Radio Free Babylon. It is a irreverent perspective of Christ in everyday -- … Continue reading Book review – Coffee with Jesus (David WILKIE)

Book review – A Week at the Airport (Alain de BOTTON)

Perhaps poignantly after just returning from a long and splendid transatlantic Christmastime holiday, and getting back into routine in the return to work, I finished Alain de Botton's book, A Week at the Airport. A Week at the Airport is a short and compact book ("Slender enough to pack in your carry-on", Daily Mail). It … Continue reading Book review – A Week at the Airport (Alain de BOTTON)

Book review — Touching Distance (James Cracknell)

Reading this book was always going to have a special meaning to me, as my wife had a stroke about two years ago. Like James and Bev, my wife and I are writing a book together about our experience. We honestly came up with the same chapter layout as them — alternative narrations. In these types of … Continue reading Book review — Touching Distance (James Cracknell)

20130409 Good Vibrations

Film review – Good Vibrations @QFTBelfast Good Vibrations is a film about Belfast music legend, Terri Hooley, who was responsible for discovering The Undertones and recording Teenage Kicks (which radio DJ Jonathan Peel famously played twice in a row). UTV film critic Brian Henry Martin described Good Vibrations as "born, bred and buttered" in Belfast. The film is a total … Continue reading Film review – Good Vibrations @QFTBelfast

20130402 MAC Andy Warhol Self-Portrait

Review – Andy WARHOL @TheMACBelfast

Another art exhibition review in less than a week. This isn't my day job, honest. After a work related meetup at the MAC Belfast, I toured the Andy Warhol exhibition. This was my first time at the MAC, so I was inspecting the venue, too. I'm excited that Belfast has at long last a contemporary … Continue reading Review – Andy WARHOL @TheMACBelfast

20120403 To Kill a Mockingbird

Book review – To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper LEE)

Somehow I escaped reading this essential school text, with its story of racism in 1930s American South. Living in Northern Ireland, I draw parallels with sectarianism, with its similar bigotry and prejudice. To Kill a Mockingbird was part of a Unite Against Hate campaign event at Parliament Buildings in Northern Ireland, which I've written about … Continue reading Book review – To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper LEE)

20120112 Foyle Foto Exhibitions

Foto Foyle 2012 Exhibitions

As coincidence would have it, I was in Derry/Londonderry for a set of meetings and decided to stay on for an early evening launch event of the 2012 Foto Foyle programme of photo exhibitions. Inside The Playhouse was a display of a new body of work by Christof Pluemacher, "one of Germany's foremost photographic artists". … Continue reading Foto Foyle 2012 Exhibitions

20100901 Review Paperboy

Book review – Paperboy (Tony Macaulay)

  Tony Macaulay is a respected professional community relations and youth worker based in Belfast. For example, he has written independently, "A discussion paper proposing a five phase process for the removal of 'peace walls' in Northern Ireland". This book is his story of being a 12-year-old paperboy, living in the Shankill area of West … Continue reading Book review – Paperboy (Tony Macaulay)

20100319 Kosovo cover

Book review – Kosovo: What Everyone Needs to Know (Tim JUDAH)

I was once asked if I thought the Northern Ireland conflict was difficult to comprehend. Not really, I replied. What confounded me was that as so many people within Northern Ireland understood the various factors involved, why work towards any resolution took so long. Put another way, I found comprehending the geo-political situation of former … Continue reading Book review – Kosovo: What Everyone Needs to Know (Tim JUDAH)

20090612 The Storm cover

Book review – The Storm (Vince CABLE)

Vince Cable is the chief economic spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats, and his lucid explanations of the credit crunch and overall current parlous global economic situation has seen him well sought after by mainstream news media outlets. For good reason -- his analysis has been proven spot on. In his book, The Storm: The World … Continue reading Book review – The Storm (Vince CABLE)