Book review — Touching Distance (James CRACKNELL)

Reading this book was always going to have a special meaning to me, as my wife had a stroke about two years ago. Like James and Bev, my wife and I are writing a book together about our experience. We honestly came up with the same chapter layout as them — alternative narrations. In these types of […]

Integrate emotional support says stroke survivor

Earlier this week, Madame Oui (aka my awesome wife Beverley) went up to Parliament Buildings to address a group of MLAs at the Northern Ireland Assembly. It was a very positive and constructive meeting, resulting in some agreed steps forward (next stop: the Assembly’s Health Committee). Beverley later remarked, “I’ve become a campaigner!” And one […]

The emotional impact of stroke

I woke up next to my partner, to a spokesperson from the Stroke Association talking about their new report, “Feeling overwhelmed: The emotional impact of stroke”: “Are you listening to this?” I asked Madame Oui. “Yes.” My wife had a stroke in February 2012. Her remarkable recovery is a long story, one which we are […]